The Guardian system by Seeing Machines has assisted Yellow Jersey in their effort to pro-actively take preventative action in managing driver fatigue. The Seeing Machines system has successfully reduced road accidents due to driver fatigue related incidents. The system is currently being used to productively plan our deliveries and allocate them to the well rested drivers. Guardian has allowed us to establish the times and locations were most fatigue related events had taken place, in order for us to be on high alert during those timeslots. We have established continuous communication with all of our drivers on route to prevent accidents.

Previous systems that we have experienced did not work for Yellow Jersey because by the time the truck had been involved in an accident, the incident was past the point of preventative measures taking place. Instead of being proactive we were reactive, Seeing Machines allows us to constantly engage with our fleet to ensure dangerous incidents do not take place.

We would recommend the Seeing Machines system to all transport companies in long haul, in order for all driver fatigue related incidents are prevented as well as the effective management of their fleets. The system has the added benefit of effective planning to ensure excellent service delivery.

Seeing Machines has certainly given Yellow Jersey Logistics a positive return on investment.

Fewer fatigue or distraction related incidents, means fewer accidents. Guardian alerts drivers, operators and their supervisors, in real-time, of potentially serious incidents. Positive preventative action can be taken to minimize accidents, which save lives.