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International evidence has accumulated which suggests that fatigue is a significant contributor to truck crashes. Efforts to address this have been primarily reliant on training, education, policy, procedures, and diet. Until now, drivers have been expected to manage their fatigue themselves, with no assistance from technology. It is a fact that a person reaches a point of fatigue where he can no longer make informed decisions regarding his own fatigue levels. This “point” is extremely difficult to predict and catches us unawares.

Fatigued drivers can drift in and out of lanes or can veer off the road, vary their speed unpredictably and are unable to react in time to other drivers’ behaviour or other road hazards.

Seeing Machines research and development has built an industry-leading portfolio of image processing capability related specifically to face and eye tracking, and automatic reporting and mitigation.

The research underpinning Seeing Machines’ Guardian spans more than eight years of testing, field studies and industry usage and development in the mining and transportation sectors.

Guardian provides commercial fleet operators with a proven, objective way to detect and prevent driver fatigue & distraction events in real-time.

How it works


Our advanced proprietary face and eye-tracking algorithms measure eyelid closure, blink rate and position of the driver’s head. Head movements that exceed the set parameters determined by your company activate an event.


Driver-Facing: The system runs on a suite of sophisticated infrared sensors that sit in the driver’s cab to detect fatigue and distraction.

Road-Facing: BlackVue Forward-Facing Camera with wide angle lens captures the surrounding environment.

Real-time Intervention

Guardian’s™ in-cab sensor system detects eye closure due to fatigue and driver inattention, alerting the driver with an audio alarm and vibrating seat when an event occurs.

24/7 Safeguard Centre

At the heart of Guardian is the SafeGuard Centre. Data from fatigue and distraction events is transmitted for immediate analysis by our specialists.

Events are evaluated and, if action is required, your on-call manager is immediately notified before an incident occurs.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing data reporting on events and trends across your fleet is part of our SafeGuard Program. We work with your business to constantly evolve a process and policy optimization plan. With the implementation of Guardian and the SafeGuard Program, fleet operators maintain up to a 80% reduction in fatigue and distraction events.

Stop The Accident Before It Happens

Why Guardian

  • Across the globe, Guardian has dramatically reduced the number of fatigue events. Documented results show a consistent reduction in excess of 80% of fatigue events. Fewer fatigue events translate into fewer incidents, less wear and tear, less fuel burn - all of this means greater productivity in a safer work environment.
  • Alongside fatigue, distraction is a major cause of accidents and loss of productivity. Guardian provides a similar reduction in distraction events as in the case of fatigue – over 80%, consistently. A lack of attention, or attention in the wrong places causes collisions - eliminating the cause eliminates the problem.
  • Guardian does not require the driver/operator to use or wear any special equipment. They do not have to do anything out of the ordinary. Guardian is fully integrated into the cabin and allows the driver/operator to do his job in the normal way. Guardian is non-intrusive and fully supports individualised fatigue management plans to reduce harmful fatigue and distraction events.
  • In-cabin alerts warn the driver/operator immediately of fatigue and distraction events. Web enabled external monitoring further supports the fatigue monitoring plan and provides for the required level of pre-determined intervention if/when necessary, in virtual real-time. Real-time reduction in dangerous fatigue and distraction events helps to save lives.
  • Fewer drowsy and/or distracted driver events mean fewer accidents and fewer possibilities for injury causing accidents. Guardian alerts drivers/operators and their supervisors, in real-time, of potentially serious incidents. Positive preventative action can be taken to minimize incidents and accidents, which helps to save lives.